Charlie Collins Portrait
Charles A. Collins

This story follows the adventures of a set of orphaned triplets - the oldest is a boy named Timal, next is his sister, Hunter, and the third triplet is a boy named Martin. The three children are confronted with trouble from the beginning, as their stepfather has plans for them . . .

One of the principles I have tried to follow in this series is that children do not need to be "talked down to" - they are intelligent and thoughtful, and they are capable of handling substantive themes. I remember reading The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner as a child. Those books dealt with the deaths of parents and life-threatening situations - I believe children are equipped to handle those things, so I have not been shy about putting them into this series.

Another of the principles I have tried to follow is that literature for children can also be interesting to adults. It can be well-written, with clear, coherent themes and plausible resolutions. Many of the children's movies produced in recent years show these characteristics - they are intelligent and funny and engaging for adults, as well as children. I hope these books will be described that way, as well.

Finally, I have tried to ensure that the books present a world which follows a discernable order. Children like to find patterns in things, they like to be able to identify connections and themes - and these books have such patterns built into their structure. Children will find satisfaction in solving the riddles and finding the patterns as they pursue the story.

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I am hoping that I will be able to find a traditional publisher for this work, since I believe it has a ready market in the form of voracious readers aged 8 through 12.

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