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Some Options

As noted on the page, this book has been released into the public domain after a crowd-funding effort. But it occurred to me that there was no reason to stop that effort, just because some date passed. If you would like to know about the "perks" I offered during that campaign, shoot me an email - I am happy to keep up with that sort of thing!

Reawakening Honor

After a successful crowdfunding campaign, this book is now available! A big thank-you to everyone who participated!

Reawakening Honor Cover

The purpose of the campaign was to place that book into the public domain, with an attribution condition. What that means is that the only requirement for sharing and copying the text is that credit is given to the author (me). To help with that, I am placing an electronic version (in PDF format) right here:
Click to download a copy

I also have print copies to send - I know a lot of people just like to have the paper, and I am with you there. If you are interested in one of those, please send an email to

I certainly hope you are interested!

An important part of this project is to understand what releasing something into the public domain means. That is not the sort of thing that many people think about - so here is a link to a description of the basis for the idea.

Finally, it is important to understand that a book like this really is never in a final state - there always are new questions, new discussions about Honor. To help with that, I make use of my Blog of Honor. Have a look for some ongoing discussion. I really want to update that more often, but I am afraid that right now it is on the order of once a month - hopefully I will be able to get more regular updates in the future.