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Reawakening Honor

Reawakening Honor Cover

This is a philosophy book - it represents my effort to articulate my understanding of the concept of honor. It comes from a lifetime of thinking about the topic, of trying to fit things together. My goal is to present something which resembles a formal presentation of the philosophical concepts, but to do so in a way which is accessible and relatable to ordinary people. It is a difficult balance to strike - have a look and see if you think I succeeded.

Another facet of this publication effort is that I plan to release it into the public domain after a crowdfunding campaign. I want to explore where something called the Street Performer Protocol might work to reduce some of the complexity associated with managing copyright in a digital world. Here is a little more information about that: discussing the SPP.

The Roc and the Griffon

Silver Seed Soren's Deed Voice of Stones

Follow this link for more about this trilogy, which tells the story of Princess Aileen of New Tundia and Dael the Bard, who learn how strong they are during the course of confronting an evil which has been imprisoned for a thousand years. It is available in paperback - just send a message for information!

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White Trumps Series

After looking at some of the books read by my young children, I decided to try my hand at spinning a story at that level. I think what kids like are stories which seem real, told simply and directly, with patterns they can see and comprehend, which keep things in an order which makes sense. The White Trumps Series represents my effort in that area -
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