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This blog has been created for the purpose of exploring controversial moral problems, using the concepts explored in The Book of Honor as a foundation. Since it seeks to tackle difficult problems, readers should approach it with serious minds and should expect to have their prejudices challenged. However, an element which is central to The Book of Honor is that there are things upon which all normal humans will agree. This blog seeks out those things - it focuses on areas of agreement, rather than disagreement, so that the discussion can remain positive even in the face of serious disagreements.

The Gratiae

One of the most important conclusions reached in The Book of Honor is that acting in a good and moral way means giving value to other persons. The things which represent that value are called the gratiae, and in The Book of Honor, we learn there are three of those things:
Liberty, and

Good actions are those which support human life, which recognize the freedom and dignity of other persons. Immoral, evil actions are those which deprive persons of their lives, deny them their freedom, and/or destroy their dignity.

The Virtues

The purpose of The Book of Honor is to establish a code of conduct, a set of factors which will guide persons toward honorable behavior. Those factors are summarized in the form of seven Virtues:
Hope, and

These Virtues are used to guide honorable behavior; a person who considers and applies the Virtues when making decisions, when taking action, will serve the gratiae - and act in a good, moral way.

About the Author

Hopefully most of your questions about me are answered by the About page. However, within the context of this blog, I think it also is important for me to point out that:

Inevitably, controversial subjects will touch upon the political arena. There is no way to remove all bias from a discussion - so I believe the best thing I can do is to let you know that I am Catholic, and inclined toward conservatism.

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The Honor Blog

Today is: Apr 10, 2020
Post From: Nov 24, 2017

Welcome to the Honor Blog!

Well, having set out to write a book describing the way I understand honor, I thought it would be worthwhile to provide a place for an ongoing discussion about the concepts. So . . . this is the place!

I have made other efforts at writing a blog, so to a certain extent, this represents a "reset". After working on another version for a while, I decided to go back and start again. I think I have a better idea for the tone I want to set, so I am pulling out a clean sheet of paper and starting again. If anyone visiting here read that other effort, I apologize (I think that audience probably is limited to my daughter, my wife, and my mother . . .). I do plan to pull out some of the items that I liked best from that other blog, so look for them to appear again.

Anyway - for my first entry into this new endeavor, I am reflecting on the book itself, on the process of writing it. Because the truth of the matter is that I second-guess myself at every step. I don't really have any greater claim to understand honor than anyone else - no greater claim than you do, who are reading this. And at every turn I wonder whether my thoughts really stand up to scrutiny - philosophers seem to focus on so many more esoteric things . . .

All of that leaves me uncertain. What has driven me to keep moving forward is this: When I look at the world, it appears to have taken leave of its senses. There are so many things happening which simply fly in the face of common sense - they are obviously wrong, obviously nonsensical . . . and yet they happen.

That reality affirms my goal. What I am setting out to do, here, is present the concepts of honor and virtue in a simple, basic, plain manner. The thought experiments are accessible to anyone - no training in philosophy required. They are simple and common-sensical. All they require is a basic recognition that what humans feel is really important. From there, I think the logic is strong - I hope it is strong. Because I believe what the world really needs is to set aside the "sophisticated" arguments which seem to be turning common sense on its head.

It takes a truly "sophisticated" person to make lunacy seem like good sense.

Perhaps it is foolish of me to produce this work - perhaps the sophisticated philosophers will tear it to shreds. But I hope it will serve as a simple reminder of what common people know to be common sense.

I am hoping to release this book into the public domain after a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. I think that approach to publishing has a tremendous amount of promise. I think that, perhaps, we are only beginning to see how disruptive the Internet has the potential to be. If you want to know more about that idea, follow this link.