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Today is: May 22, 2018
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Bill Cosby In The News

This is a very difficult topic to discuss. Let me start by saying that what Bill Cosby has been convicted of doing is horrible. On the off chance that a reader does not know, Mr. Cosby has been convicted of drugging women and taking advantage of them, sexually, while they were incapacitated. That is a very sick thing to do - those women deserve all of our prayers and concern.

Having said that, though, I cannot help but hurt at Mr. Cosby's conviction. I grew up listening to his comedy - he was/is an incredibly funny man, with an amazing amount of insight into human nature, particularly with regard to parenting. His humor was clean and based on insight, not vicious and bitter and vulgar, the way so much of today's comedy is. I still find myself tempted, two or three times each week, to throw out some crack drawn from a Bill Cosby routine - because his humor is so effective, so eloquent, at communicating his insights.

Again, though, that is painful - because what Mr. Cosby did to those women belies the insight he had to offer, spoils the image he held as "America's Dad".

I hope the depth of that conflict comes through - honestly, I don't have more words to describe it. I am entirely torn between my horror at Mr. Cosby's actions and my wish to evoke his wisdom and insight.

The question which defines my feelings, here, is this: "Is it really possible to separate an artist from his art?"

I think that in this case, we really have to try, because Mr. Cosby really had a lot of rich insight to offer to parents. We are diminished, as a culture, if we lose what he had to offer. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible to look past the devastating reality of what Mr. Cosby has done. As much as I value the insights, they will now be touched with sadness whenever I think of them, because of the pain of the women he has hurt.

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