Reawakening Honor Cover

Welcome news! The book is out! The IndieGoGo campaign was very successful - I thank heaven for all of the great, supportive people I know. So click the cover and visit the page!

Recently, I was writing a blog post, and it gave me reason to recognize/remember that the book is not complete. It simply is not possible to explore all of the issues which deserve to be explored - so I kept the book short. I presented the framework and just a few examples - and my plan is to use my blog as an extension of the book. We can discuss issues here - and basically this becomes an extension of Part III. So please visit the blog and see if that adds to your understanding of Honor. I will work on trying to get some discussion boards there . . .

Now on to the next thing, right? I am really excited to get back into regular work on the White Trumps Series - though 'regular' probably is still too strong of a word. I also have a couple of other ideas for things I want to start, so you might see some of those here.