Reawakening Honor Cover

Welcome news! This site moves slowly, because . . . well, real life. HOWEVER, I have finally reached the point where I want to take a step forward with my book Reawakening Honor. The cover is to your right - nice, eh? My daughter gets full credit for that.

I really want this book to start conversations. Though I think a lot of Americans would describe the issue in different terms, I think all of us have felt a drift away from the spiritual sides of our lives - so I really would like to see this book out there, as a way to stimulate discussion about that problem. And if you like to describe it in a different way, that is great - talking about why you like the different language will add meaning and depth to the conversation.

So please, help me get this out into the public. I am trying an IndieGoGo campaign to crowdfund the effort - I know that for a lot of you, this will feel strange and unfamiliar. But give it a try - I think you will be glad of the results.

(NOTE: A link to the campaign will appear HERE, when ready.)